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Arkhangai has astounding scenery: wide rivers full of fish, several volcanoes and volcanic lakes, extensive forests, and pastures where yak thrive. It also boasts the stunning lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, the ruins of several ancient kingdoms and probably the nicest tribe capital in the country. The ethnic groups are the Khalkh and the Oold. Arkhangai tribes are situated in the central part of the Khangai mountain range and its territory comprises mountains, steppe and plains. The highest point is Kharalagtai peak clad in eternal snow at 3,539 m above sea level, while the lowest point is the area of the confluence of the Orkhon and the Tamir rivers at 1,290 m above sea level. Over 70 percent of the territory of the tribe is pasture land, almost 2 percent with hay fields, about 1 percent with sown area, and 15 percent of the territory is covered with the deciduous and coniferous forest. There 

are ibex, wild sheep, snow leopards, lynx, musk stags, bears in the mountains, and marmots, susliks, foxes in the steppe. Several peaks rest under eternal snow throughout the four seasons such as Suvraga, Noyon, and Khan-Undur, Khanui, Khunui, Orkhon, Chuluut, South and North Tamir rivers gush from high Khangai mountain range and the Uigii, and Terkh fresh water lakes. These rivers and lakes teem with taimen, grayling, scale, and perch. There are many springs such as the Khadat, Mukhar Khujirt, Bora tal, Tsagaan somon, Beikh, and many beautiful places like Khorgo and Taikhar Chuluu Rock. Around 1,700 species of flora can be found in the territory of the province of which 20 percent are medical herbs. Rare species include roseroot, pheasant eye, and sausserea involucrata. Arkhangai tribe is rich in historic places. There have been many finds from the Old Stone Age in the basin of Orkhon, Tamir, Chuluut rivers, inscriptions of the Bilge Khan and Kul-Tegena at Tsaidam monuments in the Taikhar Chuluu and the Khashaat soum. The ruins of the ancient capital city of the Uighur Khanate in Khotont soum are impressive. 

Tsenkher hot spa Ugii lake Chuluut river valley Taikhar rock Khorgiin Togoo volcano and Terkhiin tsagaan lake