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Bayan Khongor

Bayankhongor is one of the largest  provinces of Mongolia, located in the southwest region. The capital of the province shares the provincial name, Bayankhongor.

The Bayankhongor province includes very diverse geographic areas. It is typically divided into three areas: the mountainous and wooded Khangai in the north, the central steppe region, and the arid Gobi Desert in the south.

Bayankhongor contains two mountain ranges, the Khangai Mountains in the north and the Gobi Altai Mountains in the central region. Ikh Bogd, the province’s tallest mountain at 3957 meters is located outside of Bogd sum.

The largest lakes in Bayankhongor are Orog Nuur and Böön Tsagaan Nuur, which are found in the central semi-desert region of the province (the Valley of Lakes between the Khangai and Gobi Altai ranges), as are several other lakes.

Khangai, in the north, contains several hot and cold mineral springs. Shargaljuut, a town about 54 km north of the province’s capital, boasts over 300 springs and has developed a popular resort to take advantage of this natural feature. The mineral waters of the various springs are used by the local people to treat a variety of ailments.

Furthermore, there are a handful of genuine oases in the south of the province, most of which are in the Shinejinst area. The most famous oasis, Ekhiin-Gol, was once home to the Lama Dambijant or Ja Lama, an early 20th-century revolutionary turned bandit.

The attractions of Bayankhongor vary from the natural (Gobi bear) to the man-made (Chess Stones of Erdentsogt); from the old (prehistoric petroglyphs in Bayan Lig) to the older (dinosaur bones in Bugiin Tsav). Since the aimag contains all three major geographic zones of Mongolia (forest, steppe, and desert) it is a great place to commune with nature.

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