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Central mongolia's provinces, Uburhangai, Arhangai, Tuv are the most visited areas in countryside. Landscapes are broken by the forested hillsides of the Khankhentii range, meandering rivers such as the Tuul. The people, mostly comprising the khalkh majority. In this region, there are some strictly protected areas such as the great Gobi, Khangai mountain range, Khorgo-White Lake of Terkh, Gobi gurvan saikhan national conservation park, Noyonkhangai mountain natural reserve, Batkhaan mountain natural reserve.

Additionally this region has many historical sights , particularly in the Orkhon River Valley which contains archaeological remains dating back several centuries. Few traces remain of Kharakhorum, the 13th-century capital of the Mongol Empire, but the nearby temple of Erdene Zuu was reputedly built from its ruins. The wall surrounding this vast monastery complex, which houses spectacular Buddhist art and architecture, is made up of over a hundred white stupas. Har Balgas, another vanished capital dating from the 9th century, shares the steppe with "deer stones" and ruined temples, all reminders of Mongolia's rich and fascinating history. Furthermore if you visit this region, you can see Orkhon/Ulaantsutgalan's waterfall, Terkh white lake- rich of species of waterbirds, Ugii lake- rich of fish, Khorgiin togoo- extinct volcano, Taikhar stone- over 10 m high and with ancient scripts, Chuluut river- flows 100 m long between 70 m high canyons, Beautiful valley of five lakes/Boontsgaan, Orog, Adgiin tsagaan, Taatsiin tsagaan, Haya griva of Gobi, War worshipped Nayan-Erkhet mountain etc.

About Mongolia Central Region