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Dornod province borders on the North with the Russian Federation and South-East with the People's Republic of China. The population is predominantly Khalkha, but Buryat and Barga nationalities live in Ereentsav of Bayan Uul, Bayandun, Dashbalbar, and Tsagaan-Ovoo somons. Gurvan-zagal, and Khuluunbuir somons are populated by the Uzemchin. The vast steppes of Menen, Matad, and Tamsag cover the territory of 186 miles (300 km) in the East with some parts reaching 150 km in width, 150-200 km along both sides of the Kherulen river lie steppes. The lowest point of Mongolia is the basin of Khukh lake. Spectacular branches of the Khyangan mountain range at 1,000-1,600 m above sea level rise on the south-east part of the province’s territory. There are high mountains along the 

sides of the Uuiz river, and low hills along the sides of the Onon river. The annual precipitation is 250-300 mm. Onon, Kherulen, Khaikh, Uuiz are the biggest rivers. Numerous lakes could be found in Dornod, such as Khukh, Galuut, Bayan, Bulan and Buir. The Buir lake is the biggest, fresh water lake, others are salt lakes. In the territory of the province, there are many springs, the most famous ones being Tsagaan Khundii, Utaat Minjuur, Ereen, Tsagaan chuluut. Deer, elks, raccoon, boars, otter and white antelope's habitat is in the basins of the Onon and Ulz rivers, and Khyangan mountain range. Marmots prefer the steppe. Bears, boars, and muskrats habitat is the basin of the Onon river. Wolf and fox can be seen everywhere, and squirrel and lynx in some places. Soil is black and brown and rich in pasture grass. Basins of the rivers are quite fertile. Dornod province has a relatively well developed infrastructure. 81.3 percent of the total arable land, or around 10.0 million hectares are either cultivated or used as pasture. 118 square miles are under cultivation for wheat growing and around 1.5 square miles for growing vegetables. Mining, light industries, food processing and construction represent the local industry.

Buir lake Khalkh gol Menen Steppe - Eastern Mongolian Grassland

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