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Eastern Mongolia

Eastern Mongolia is the region of endless grasslands that extend as far as the eye can see as well as lakes, mineral springs and gently rolling hills. The steppes are home to rich wildlife dominated by thousands of white-tailed gazelle (Mongolian gazelle). Traditional folk songs, blacksmith and silversmith skills, and handicrafts of  the Dariganga people, who inhabit the southern end of the plains. One of the most popular sights  in this region are historic sites, including Onon Balj River Basin, Deluun Boldog Mountain, Mongols’ holy Mountain Burkhan Khaldun and more related the history of Chinggis Khaan’s childhood and his birth place. Many unique cultural, historical and natural sights such as Uglugch Wall, Baldan Bereeven monastery, Khukh nuur (Blue lake) and Buriad shamans can also be found here.

About Mongolia Eastern Region