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Khuvsgul province borders on the North alongside the Russian Federation. The altitude of high mountains of Burenkhaan, Khordil saridag, Erchim range, Tagna, and Soyon is up to 11,483 feet (3,500 m.) above sea level. There are beautiful passages in the mountain such as the Jigleg, Jar, Toom and Uli. Tagnuur, Shiluust, Uran dush, Delgerkhan are highest mountains. Foreign tourists refer to Khuvsgul aimag as the "Mongolian Switzerland". 

There are many rivers flowing through the province such as Ider, Tes, Delger, Selenge. Khuvsgul lake is one of the deepest in Asia. Other lakes include Erkhel, Achmag, Tsengel, Sangiin dalai. The province accounts for 134,276 cubic feet (3,800 cubic m) of wood per capita, which makes the province the richest in forest resources. The soil in the territory of the province is grey and there is black soil in the valleys. The annual precipitation is 12-16 inches (300-400 mm) and more. This is the most humid region in Mongolia. Khuvsgul province is rich in natural resources such as phosphorite, coal, nephrite, graphite, and precious stones including rock crystal, green jade and chalcedony. Asbestos, fluorspa and mica can be found in many places. The Khuvsgul area is also rich in medical herbs, such as peony, liquorice, astragalus, wild rose, saussurea involucrata, hawthorn, valerian, thyme, thermopsis. In  Khuvsgul there are brown bears, foxes, wolves, squirrels, badgers, ermines, wolverines, muskrats, martens, steppe polecats, and protected species, such as deer, roe deer, elk, wild sheep, ibex, musk deer, sable, beaver and otter.

This is the northernmost and absolutely one of the most scenic provinces in the country. It is a land of crystal clear lakes, icy streams and tall green taiga forests. As the crown jewel it is dominated by the    magnificent Khovsgol Nuur - one of the most scenic spots in Mongolia. There are mountains with peaks near 3000m. Here lies  the Tsaatan reindeer people.

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