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Sukhbaatar Province had been originally included in Khalhiin Setsen Province since 1921. When the 4 provinces were divided into 13 provinces in 1931, it belonged to Khentii and Dornod.

Administrative districts were reorganized between 1940 and 1942 and Javhalant Sharga Province was established in 1942. The name of Javhalant Sharga Province was changed to Sukhbaatar Province to commemorate General Sukhbaatar on February 20, 1943 according to the decision of the local parliament. In addition, the capital of the province was moved to Baruun-Urt River and its name changed to Baruun-Urt.


Altan ovoo - Dariganga Shiliin Bogd volcano Taliin agui- Step Cave Khurgiin khundii