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One of the least visited of Mongolia's provinces, Uvs is a province of high mountains of Khankhukhii, Togtokh shil that are the extension of the Khangai mountain range. The Buurug sand, located in the territory of the province is the biggest sand dune of Mongolia. It occupies 4,000 sq. km. of the province’s territory. Of berries there are wild cherry, cliff talus, black current, cowberry, strawberry, northern biiberry, nitraria. Nitraria grow along the beaches of the Khyargas lake, species of strawberry are found on the banks of Tes river, and cynomorium, agriophylliurn grow in Zuungovi, Zavkhan somons. Wildlife is represented by antelope, black tailed antelope encountered in the meadows of Khyargas, Kharkhiraa, Uvs lakes; deer, boars, wild sheep, ibexes, snow leopards, martens, wolborines in the Khankhukhii, Kharkhiraa, Turgen mountains. Marmots, badgers, foxes, wolves are found mainly in mountains and valleys.

Uvs Lake Khyargas Lake Kharkhiraa mountain Turgen mountain