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Uvurkhangai province is located in the central part of  Mongolia. The Khangai mountain stretches in the North-West, and the Altai mountain towers in the south-west. The steppe lies in the middle of the territory. The Gobi desert is located in the South.  Wildlife includes wild sheep, ibex, wild horse, wild camel, gazelle, fox, antelope, snow-leopard, lynx, and birds such as swan, pelican, snow-cock, black grouse, wood grouse. In the province there are majestic mountains like Khyatruun, and plain steppes like Noyokhon Dalai, Arvai, Khar nuden, clear-water rivers such as Ongi, Taath, Orkhon and lakes of Khuis, Tsagaan, Sangiin dalai. The 79 feet (24 m) high waterfall of the Orkhon river (Red Fall), is the major tourist attraction. Amazing places in the province include Khuis eight lakes, Tamchi Yol khad, Yamaatiin Tsant, Khorgoi Khurem, of big and small springs the most famous one is Khujirt, a popular resort. Uvurkhangai is a well-khown tourist destination.

Kharkhorin Erdenezuu monastery Tuvkhun Monastery Orkhon waterfall Khuisiin Naiman nuur Shankh monastery Suvraga Khairkhan mountain