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Khentii Province family stitches a Mongolian epic on 100 meters of felt

A family in Khentii Province has started quilting and stitching to story of “The Secret History of the Mongols” on a 100-meter long piece of felt to set a Guinness World Record and promote traditional Mongolian quilting and stitching methods.

They started sewing “The Secret History of the Mongols” on felt two months ago and currently completed 20 meters of work.

The family consists of tailors and...


Mongolia named one of 2016′s top 10 ethical travel destinations

Mongolia has been named one of the Top 10 Ethical Travel Destinations in 2016 by Ethical Traveler, a non-profit project of Earth Island Institute.
Ethical Traveler, based in California, has been releasing the annual ethical destinations list since 2006 “to empower travelers to change the world”, according to their website. CNN referred to Ethical Traveler’s list as the “list of the 10 most forward-thinking...


Made in Mongolia – Tsagaan Sar 2016 trade fair kicks off

On Wednesday, the Made in Mongolia – Tsagaan Sar 2016 trade fair opened at Hunnu Mall, Night Market, and Mongol Outlet. The trade fairs will take place until February 7.
The official opening ceremony for Made in Mongolia – Tsagaan Sar 2016 will be held on January 30 at Hunnu Mall, in the presence of Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg, Industry Minister D.Erdenebat, and Food and Agriculture Minister...


An Edinburgh doctor has become the first man to win a gruelling marathon in Mongolia.

Dr Andrew Murray, 35, battled temperatures of -34C to complete the challenge in three hours and seven minutes. He beat Australian competitor Douglas Wilson to the title of the inaugural Genghis Khan Ice Marathon, adding the feat to his previous wins at the North Pole Marathon and the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Dr Murray went on to run a further 64 miles to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar so he could see more of the country. The sports and...


Asem 2016: Mongolia in the spotlight

Hosting the Asia-Europe Meeting in 2016 will be a significant opportunity for Mongolia.

At the end of October it was announced that Mongolia will host the 2016 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). While this was reported in a number of local and international outlets, there has been little discussion of what it might mean for Mongolia – a reflection perhaps of the relatively unknown status and remit of ASEM. Nevertheless, ASEM 2016...


5 amazing Mongolian Experiences

Mongolia, land of vast blue skies and the endless and rolling hills of the grassy steppe, is a land where sheepherders in traditional garb live side by side with young Mongolian tour guides sporting iPods and Louis Vuitton. Giant monuments to Genghis Khan and his horse lords of old who prompted the building of the Great Wall of China stand watch over the country's sparse population of peaceful shepherds and...


10 Tips for Visiting Mongolia

Nomin Dari- Journalist

For my 23rd birthday, I was lucky to be able to take a trip to the pristine Khuvsgul Lake in Mongolia. Khuvsgul Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, the next best thing to Lake Baikal in Siberia. Khuvsgul is 700km north of Ulaanbaatar. To visit, one can opt for a two-day drive or a short 1.5-hour flight.

For those of you interested in traveling to Mongolia, the sights are plenty....


Travelers Find Hospitable Nomads in Mongolia

Dalanzadgad, Mongolia -- It was lunchtime on the steppe in Mongolia, the most sparsely populated country on Earth. So when our driver spotted a lone white yurt in the distance, we stopped for a jug of hot sheep's milk tea.

It was all part of a 10-day journey through central Mongolia that we'd planned through an affordable, family-run company that helped us design our own itinerary and shared our philosophy of travel:...


Mongolian hotels receive certificates for ASEM meeting

About 4,500 guests from 50 countries are expected to participate in the 11th high level ASEM meeting. The government is focusing on service quality, organization and food for the safety and comfort of the guests.

In November, 42 hotels received certificates which allows them to participate in various trainings. The government will bear the costs of trainings and will also...