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Central Mongolian Highlights

Everything that represents Mongolia is all in here. That's the real taste of Central Mongolia.

  • 4x4 offroad minivan or 4x4 russian jeep
  • 13 Days 12 Nights
  • Ulaanbaatar -Uvurkhangai - Arkhangai - Khuvsgul
  • 12 Breakfast 11 Lunch 11 Dinner
  • Ulaanbaatar - Kharakhorum - Tsetserleg - Murun
  • From 2490

Tours Central Mongolian Highlights

Brief itinerary

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Day 2. Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin

Day 3. Tuvkhon Monastery Orkhon Waterfall

Day 4. Orkhon Waterfall to The Tsenkher Hot Springs

Day 5. The Hot Springs to Khorgo Volcano

Day 6. Khorgo Volcano, Terkh White Lake

Day 7. Khorgo Volcano/ Zuun Lake

Day 8. Zuun Lake/ Erhil Lake/ Lake Huvsgul

Day 9. Lake Huvsgul – Tsaatan, the Reindeer People

Day 10. Lake Huvsgul to Murun town

Day 11. Murun to Ulaanbaatar

Day 12. Ulaanbaatar (free day)

Day 13. Departure from Ulaanbaatar 

Services included in the cost:

Hotel***,* ger camp, tented camp Guiding and interpreting service
Full board meals
Transport: vehicle 4x4 or minivan
Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks
Museums and cultural performance
Camping equipments

Services not included in the cost:

International airfare
Personal equipments
Optional activity cost
Excess baggage charges
Single room supplement
Alcoholic drinks
Sleeping bag
Travel Insurance

Day 1. Arrival to Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city and where half the population of Mongolia lives. First  we’ll visit Gandan Buddhist monastery, the most active religious monastery in the country where many faithful believers come from all over the world. Then we continue visit National Museum of Mongolian History, where you will see artifacts from Mongolia and Central Asia from the Stone Age to the present. Excursion to Zaisan Hill War Memorial to get your bearings with a panoramic view of the whole city. Overnight in the hotel. (L+D)   

Day 2. Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin

After breakfast we will drive to Karakorum, visit museum of Karakorum and the symbolic ruins of ancient city, which was the capital city of the Great Mongol Empire founded in the 13th century by Genghis Khan. Visit of the magnificent and oldest Buddhist Monastery complex of Erdene Zuu, built in the 16th century, with 108 stupas. Here you can see interesting listen to monk chanting Buddhist sutras. Lunch and stay overnight at tourist Ger camp. (B+L+D)        

Day 3. Tuvkhon Monastery Orkhon Waterfall

After breakfast in the camp we head south, driving along the river’s banks. Our first stop will be a two and a half hours trek (with its first one hour uphill) to Tuvkhon Monastery, which has wooden buildings integrated with a natural system of caves perched hear a hilltop, from which you have beautiful views of the Orkhon Valley and the surrounding pine forests. With its unique natural features, it was a perfect location for the great religious leader to meditate. Continuing south; we reach the Red Waterfall, where we make camp for the night. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)                     

Day 4. Orkhon Waterfall to The Tsenkher Hot Springs

In the morning we head north, crossing the Khangai Nuruu mountains through a series of passes until we reach the area Mongolians call 'the paradise of the horse herders' for its lush grasses and open valleys. We drive to the Tsenkher hot springs, spring is kept in high pressure under the ground flow rate is high, 10 liters per seconds. The water has high mineral content and containing everything from simple calcium, sodium to sulphuric. Folklore claimed medical value some of this springs have, they are often popular tourist destinations for Mongolian people. Overnight in ger camp. (B+L+D)      

Day 5. The Hot Springs to Khorgo Volcano

Driving out of the hot springs, we pass through Tsetserleg, the capital of Arkhangai province, where we will make a short visit to the local market. Continuing west, we stop next to Taikhar Chuluu - a massive rock which is connected to local mythology. The last stop of the day will be next to a good observation point for the Chuluut Canyon, and the holy "100 branch tree" which has grown nearby for hundreds of years. Finally we arrive at Khorgo Volcano. Overnight in ger camp. (B+L+D)                  

Day 6. Khorgo Volcano, Terkh White Lake

We spend this day hiking or horseback riding around the lake. If you wish it’s nice place for bird watching around the lakeside and photographing from the top of the Khorgo Volcano.Overnight in the ger camp. (B+L+D)                      

Day 7. Khorgo Volcano/ Zuun Lake

Driving north on one of Mongolia's most beautiful routes, we cross high mountain passes, vast grasslands, and small creeks as we pass by remote villages. We finish the day next to Zuun Lake, a small alpine lake in the mountainous region of Huvsgul. Overnight in ger camp by the lake shore. (B+L+D)                   

Day 8. Zuun Lake/ Erhil Lake/ Lake Huvsgul

As we head north, we pass through the town of Murun, the provincial capital of Huvsgul. After passing through the city, we will continue our trip northward. One of the world's biggest fresh water sources, Lake Huvsgul and its amazing surroundings are home to several of Mongolia’s ethnic minorities as well as a refuge for a wide variety of wildlife. Huvsgul is truly a highlight of any trip to Mongolia. Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)                         

Day 9. Lake Huvsgul – Tsaatan, the Reindeer People

You will have 1 day for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the lake. You have opportunity to trek to the lakeside & mountain for taking photos and exploring and enjoying the wildlife, flora & fauna of Huvsgul lake area. If you wish you can hire a boat from the camp. One of the most interesting ethnic groups living near the lake is the Tsaatan or as they are better known – ‘The Reindeer People’. A small tribe of Tsaatan consisting of about 40 families lives with its herds of reindeer in the forests around the lake. These graceful animals provide the tribe with all its basic needs - milk, transportation, meat, skins and bones and antlers used as building materials and for tools. As there are very few Tsaatan left and this is a mobile population, we will go look for them by foot and by horse. We cannot guarantee that we meet them, but the scenery of the area is well worth the exploration time! Overnight in a ger camp. (B+L+D)                       

Day 10. Lake Huvsgul to Murun town

After breakfast we will drive back to Murun and on the way back we arrive at an ancient burial site featuring Mongolia’s mysterious deerstones, memorial stones representing important leaders and warriors, carved with deer motifs. If possible we can visit the local museum (local museums open only working days).Overnight in a hotel. (B+L+D)       

Day 11. Murun to Ulaanbaatar

This morning before your return flight to Ulaanbaatar you will have a chance to check local market in Murun. Also in UB if you would like to do some shopping for souvenirs and cashmeres, here is the chance and later in the evening, we all attend a live performance of Mongolian National folklore. Overnight in the hotel. (B+L+D)          

Day 12. Ulaanbaatar

Today is a free day, you can go visit many stores and souvenir shops in Peace  avenue. Overnight in a 4-star hotel.(no guide and driver service) (B)          

Day 13. Departure from Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast at our hotel, we will drive to the airport for our international departing flight. (B)

Pax Price per person
2-4 2650
5-8 2550
10-15 2400