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Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia established in 1639, is the country’s economic, cultural and a political center and has a number of tourist attractions where modern life comfortably blends with Mongolian traditional lifestyle. Wide streets are flocked by modern cars, while horsemen and cattle, with its population is over 1.3 million (2014).
It is the main hub from which foreign tourists start their adventure in this beautiful land. Ulaanbaatar has something for everyone to enjoy with a wide range of performing arts and entertainment, from the traditional throat singing, spectacular contortionists to the likes of concerts pianists, ballerinas, and opera singers. Energetic and always exciting, Ulaanbaatar’s club scene demands to be experienced. 

Ulaanbaatar is situated between four mountains: Bogda Khan Uul, Chingeltei Uul, Bayanzurkh Uul and Songino Khairkhan of the Khentii mountain chain, stretching from the Altan Tevsh valley of the Tuul basin, at an altitude of 4,921 feet above sea level latitude 47° 57' north and longitude 106° 55'.

Most of the city spreads from East to West along the main road, Enkh Taivny Orgon Choloo, also known as Peace Avenue. The center is Chingiss Square, often simply known as 'the Square'. Sprawling suburbia is limited by the four majestic mountains 

which surround the city. The river to the South, the Tuul Gol, also limits the growth of suburban expansion.   

Useful landmarks include the Trade & Development Bank building to the North-West of the Square, the twin towers of the Bayangol Hotel to it's South, and on top of the hill immediately to the South, the Zaisan Memorial. Around the Square are the Central Post Office and the Palace of Culture, and two blocks west of the Square is the State Department Store. Central Ulaanbaatar is defined by two ring roads: Baga Toiruu and Ikh Toiruu.   

The city is divided into six major districts, but there's a multitude of subdistricts and microdistricts. Mongolians rarely use the Western system of street names and numbers, so tracking down an address place can be difficult.

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